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Boxer standard seen through a Boxer's eyes.


Devised for Boxers by Boxers


One thing as a boxer I find very odd is that we have a breed standard. Now I checked this out and I noticed you have to be a certain size, color, weight and height. I thought this strange as I know many boxers and we come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I found out that humans made this up. Now this I find very peculiar. I mean out of all the animals in the world, the human is by far the oddest of them all. Not only do they come in different colors, shapes and sizes, to make matters worse they don't even speak the same language. No wonder they've not got a standard of their own. The only one to come up to it would be the human that wrote it. Just a bit mean of them though to make one up for us without even asking our opinion on it. So my friends at UKboxerdogs decided enough was enough. We put our boxer brains together and we've come up with our own special Breed Standard. Designed by boxers, for boxers. And if those two legged friends of ours don't like it, then that's too bad.

UKboxerdogs Official Boxer Breed Standard


  • Love unconditionally

  • Slobber eternally

  • Beg for chews

  • Dig holes

  • Play in the fish pond

  • Re-pot plants

  • Move cushions

  • Empty bins

  • Steal clothes

  • Unpack groceries

  • Only come when called at puppy classes

  • Only sit at puppy classes

  • Only walk to heal at puppy classes

  • Beg for humans' food

  • Mop the floor

  • Chew lawn mower cable

  • Help to move the hose and put holes in it

  • Roll on your back

  • Sit on chairs

  • Empty the washing basket

  • Beg for chews at the shop

  • Rearrange the cut hair and chase the broom at the hairdressers

  • Make Mom buy toys by grabbing them off the shelf and slobbering all over them while in the store  

  • Get covered in smelly stuff

  • Have smelly ' burps'

  • Bark at hedgehogs and skunks in the night

  • Run in the river and get muddy and then jump up on Mom's clean jeans

  • Run off with Dads hammer and other tools and hide them

  • Still be as mad as ever even after spaying

  • Keep the garden clear of little green apples

  • Pose for everyone

  • Play with the washing on the clothes line

  • Chew pegs

  • Jump at visitors

  • Help to 'clear' the tabletops, even if it is Sunday Dinner

  • Eat chocolate

  • Fart when visitors come

  • Catch fish in the fish ponds

  • Do the smelliest of s***s

  • Go out of gates

  • Eat what we want

  • Chase cats

  • Re-organize fences

  • Eat the fingers off Mom's garden gloves

  • Get stuck in the cat flap

  • Do lots of lols in front of the cupboard - she goes nuts!

  • Create lots of juicy slobber so the humans hand over their dinner

  • Trample over plants and knock over every pot

  • Chew every houseplant and maybe a few other things along the way

  • Come in the house when muddy & wet

  • Do a kidney shaped wiggle dance when Mom/Dad or any visitors come

  • Wiggle that stump!

  • Fall down holes in the road

  • Visit the neighbors and frighten Mom so she shouts at Dad

  • Scratch doors to come in

  • Snore big time

  • 'Snot' on clothes

  • Skate on floors

  • Be the most fantastic, wonderful, lovable friend, whatever color you are

The above Breed Standard was compiled by: Hooch, Rocky, Rumpole, Ruth, Winston, Bosko, Murphs, Biggles, et al. from Ukboxerdogs. This standard is unique because if any boxers out there can think of other things that they might like to include, just let me know!

We want to thank Shirley for allowing us to use this. 


Click on the link below for the American Boxer Club breed standard

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