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              CH. Cinbar's Quarterback At Dunnford

245556767_10220374199931676_150909332165997641_n (1).jpg

                         "New" Ch. Cinbar's Quarterback at Dunnford, "Mahomes"
                          Thank you Medley Small, Phillip Koenig and Denise Snyder
                                         for allowing him to be part of my family.

Ch pic mahomes.jpg
Winning pic at the Licking River Kennel Club. June 17th, 2021. Mahomes was WD and BOW for a 3pt major. Thank you to Judge Mrs. Karen McFarland . 
majohmes 3 21.jpg
March 14th, 2021 at the Shelbyville Tenn. show "Mahomes" Cinbar's Quarterback at Dunnford, picked up both majors and was RWD the other 2 days. Thank you to all the judges for the wins.
majohmes 3 21.jpg
9/12/20 Licking River Kennel Club. Mahomes, Cinbar's Quarterback at Dunnford, first time in the ring goes WD for his first 2 points.
Thank you to Judge Ms. Lew Olsen

Sire: CH Bar-K's Mystic Heir
Dam: CH Cinbar's By A Landslide
Whelped:02/03/20 DM clear, ARVC neg, Holter O


Mahomes is owned by:
Christine Shackelford, Co-owned with Denise Snyder, Medly Small and Phillip Koenig
Photos by Alexandra Gav
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