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Meet Our Boys

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         MBISOH, MRBISOH, MBISS GCHS Cinbar N Dunnfords Private Selection "Noah"
                                   is AMERICA'S #1 Owner Handled Boxer for 2021 and 2022.

                                      CH Cinbar's Quarterback At Dunnford

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    mahomes 1st win 9 20.jpg




    Currently Showing -


    Moonlight and Dunnford's Dark Secret of Cinnrhe  "Kai"              

    CH. Dunnfords Livin On The Edge  "Casey"

     BISS GCH Cinbar's Take a Chance on Me Dunnford   "Chance"



    Retired -


    Ch. Cinbar N Dunnford's Private Selection "Noah"

    Noah is owned by Chris and co owned with Phillip Koenig and Medley Small 

    CH Cinbar's Quarterback At Dunnford  "Mahomes"

    Zaracon's Password To Dunnford "Chase"

    CH. Dunnford's Infallible Beauty - "Nittany"  

    Am Ch., International CH. and National CH.

    Dunnfords V Donandru Storm Maker "Dallas" (at rainbow bridge)


    Ch. Gentry's Next Generation At Dunnford "Ryder" (at the rainbow bridge)



    Photos taken by Kathy Veglahn and Alexandra Gav

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