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DNA and Genetic Tests

There is some misinformation regarding what
DNA testing can and cannot do. We are often asked if our dogs are DNA tested. For the most part, they are not. DNA testing of dogs is used solely for accurate identification, and absolutely NOT for the prediction of potential future health issues.

Click on the link below for information on the AKC website.


Genetic testing is a different story. Testing parents prior to breeding them can give the breeder an idea of what, if any, health issues may, or may not be passed down to the puppies. Genetic testing does not guarantee that every puppy in the litter will be 100% free of genetic problems, just as the two healthiest humans on the planet could easily produce a child with health problems. Two dogs with excellent hips, heart, eyes or what ever, can still produce puppies in the litter that have those issues. It just reduces the chances if both parents are healthy.

The leading causes of death in boxers are heart conditions and cancers. At this time, there are no genetic test that show which dogs will develop cancers. Our dogs are OFA cleared by a cardiologist specialist to detect heart issues.

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