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Champion Sired


Champion Bloodlines

What is the difference?
     Our puppies are out of AKC Titled Champion Boxers. That means that the puppies sire is an actual Show Dog. It is difficult for a boxer to get their Champion title. For most it takes months and months of showing with a professional handler, traveling all across the country. It takes 15 points including 2 majors under different judges, for a dog to get an AKC Title. If you do the math, it has to be a very special dog to get their title.
     In order for a Boxer to get one or two points in our Region they have to beat out all the other Boxers competing that day to win those one or two points. A Boxer may have to beat out 24 other Boxer dogs in the show that day in order to get a 3 point "major win". Second place gets NOTHING.
     If the sire of the litter is an AKC Champion then, hopefully more puppies in the litter will look closer to how a beautiful boxer is supposed to look. Does that mean every puppy in the litter will be 'show quality' or have potential to be a Champion? No. Not every puppy will get every good trait from the parents.

What does Champion Bloodlines mean?
     Not a lot. It can mean anything, and the definition is generally left up to the breeder in question. If there isn't a Champion in the parents first few generations then the first quality show dog was probably great great grandparents so by the time you have the puppies in question, it still doesn't mean that they are anywhere near the standard of what a Boxer should look like.
    Puppies change so much, it is hard for anyone to look at 6-16 week old puppy and say with absolute certainty that the dog will turn out for show. Many of the breeders advertising these "show potential" puppies aren't trying to lie to buyers, most don't have a clue at what they are looking at. Many have never even been to a dog show and are just repeating what the person that they purchased their dog from (as a puppy) told them.
     Everyone thinks their dog is beautiful, and could "be a winner" and that is simply not the case. That is also why in one litter we may have two puppies that some may "think" look very similarly, priced very differently. It is generally because we are seeing a physical quality about one puppy that we feel is less desirable than the other.


With this being said there are price differences between AKC Champion Sired vs Championed Lined puppies. The time, work and monies put into a AKC Champion Boxer vs a Championed Line is tremendous. The show expense alone is thousands of dollars. Then the health tests that are performed on each Boxer is very costly. Both sire and dam should have this done. For the most part very few AKC Championed Lined Boxers take the time or money to health test their Boxers. When you ask most will say that the vet just did the shots and that is all. Or the famous line of "Well we haven't found anything wrong with any of our puppies YET." "YET." What a key word. Well I guess they need to wait till something does happen. How sad for the buyer.

If you have any questions about anything we have written on this page, please feel free to contact us.

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