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Training A Deaf Dog

Ever so often in many breeds we find one of our beloved dogs to be deaf.
It may be from a birth defect, hereditary, genetic issues or old age. No matter what they still are just as loving, smart and devoted to us. Sometimes we find it hard to deal with this and other times not as hard.


Having a deaf dog means more responsibility in protecting them. They can not hear foot steps in the middle of the night, a car coming at them, another dog or animal that may be about to attack them or small child that may fall on them. We must ALWAYS protect them.

They need a fenced yard without a doubt. They need obedience training just the same as our dogs that hear. In training your dog that can hear you will use hand signals just the same as you would with your deaf dog. This is very important to teach your deaf dog and those dogs that can hear. In teaching hand signals (sign language) you can use the chart below or use the ASL, American Sign Language which will also allow you to communicate with humans that are also deaf. Just as important we need training as well on how to train the deaf dog.


They should be spayed/neutered. Never breed them.

I had a deaf Boxer. No, she is was not white but a beautiful brindle girl.

I have placed some links for those that may be in need of help in training your deaf dog or if you may know of someone needing help.

They are not throw away dogs. My deaf Boxer responded better to my commands than my Boxers that have ears that work. She was the most loving girl and I can't tell you or express how wonderful she truly was. She learned signs so quickly. I was so amazed how fast she learned this.

I hope this can be of help many of you that are looking for help with your deaf dog.

Chart for hand signals

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