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AKC  Full Registration


AKC Limited Registration

     We want to make sure that everyone is clear about AKC Limited Registration vs AKC Full Registration.

     AKC Limited Registration means that if you breed your dog,the puppies would not be able to get AKC papers at all. The puppy will not be able to compete in AKC Confirmation Classes (because their goal is to determine the best breeding stock).
     Limited Registered dogs can compete in AKC Agility and Obedience trials. Basically it means that you intend for your dog to be a pet only and do not ever intend to breed or show with it. That is why we require that all puppies adopted with Limited AKC Registration be(males)neutered between 18 and 24 months or (females)spayed by 11 months of age.
     If you think you have any serious desire to show or breed your Boxer puppy in the future it is recommended that you purchase your Boxer puppy with full registration.
     There is a price difference in our puppies between full and limited registration. There is a reduced fee for people with limited registration, because they are agreeing to purchase the Boxer as a pet and not use it for breeding or showing. For most puppies, we place them with limited registration. Even though we would like to place our puppies in show homes if possible, we also value good pet homes. So, unless it is an absolutely exceptional puppy we will place most puppies with limited registration.

     For the few exceptional puppies though limited registration is is not an option and will have full AKC registration.

     Limited registration does not effect it's character or ability to be a
WONDERFUL FAMILY PET as well as have the ability to work in obiedence, ralley and agility. many go on to compete in these areas. It is just a matter of preference to each family.
     If you do not understand any of the portion of this page, feel free to contact us directly.

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