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White  Boxers  


We support the White Boxer. We do not support or promote the breeding of the White Boxer. We do consider them equal to their colored siblings.

Some people ask what can they do with the White Boxer. Start by loving it, training it and protect it. They are just as smart as the colored Boxer, just as loving, playful, happy and devoted.


As an added note we wanted to add something regarding the so called "Rare" Black Boxer. Falsely advertising them as Rare and asking outrageously high prices because of the so called "Rare" Black color. There are some breeders that promote the Black Boxer as rare when in fact they are not. They can not be registered with AKC. They are not within the standard of the breed. Too many unscrupulous breeds are taking advantage of people telling them that they are "Rare" when in fact they are not. Most of the Boxers advertised as Black are in fact a Reverse or Seal Brindle. If there is one spot of Brindle when the Boxer pup is born or shows up at a later time it can not be labeled as a Black Boxer. Stay away from those breeders that falsely claim to have the "Rare" black Boxer. If you find a breeder that says the black Boxer can be registered with AKC they have lied to you. They can not be registered. White Boxers, yes. Black Boxers, never. Always check with AKC when in doubt. Yes they can be registered with CKC. CKC allows you to register most any dog with them as long as you send in a couple of pictures so they can see what it looks like. If it resembles the breed they say it is then they will register it. Not a reputable, worth while registration. Pictures do not  prove this dog is full blooded. So be careful when you are searching for your Boxer.


1. White Boxers are not born sickly!
2. White Boxers are not rare! There are more white Boxers out there than you know. A lot of white Boxers are just not being registered, and just placed in loving homes. White Boxers are often advertised in the local papers or on the internet as "rare" or "hard to find.
3.  Some breeders discourage any type of registration with A.K.C. A.K.C. will registrar a white Boxer. All Boxers no matter what color should be counted.
4. About 15% of Boxers births are white. It’s what you have to expect with people wanting flashy puppies. This is putting two flashy dogs together. And of that 15%, only about 12% are deaf. But there are brindle and fawn Boxers that are deaf also. I had a flashy brindle that was born deaf. The "white" gene comes from the flashy gene in Boxers, which is a recessive gene. So, you have to have two dominant Boxers to produce the flashy puppy!
5. Solid white Boxers are not albinos. If they have pigment. Any small spot on their body, brindle or fawn they are referred to as checked or parti colored. They’re not albino. Boxers, no matter what color belong to the Molosser group and the Molosser does not develop albino's.
6. Deaf Boxers are easily trained to read sign language. Dogs of any kind are only as dumb as the owner lets them be. ALL dogs should be dually trained invoice and hand commands in case of deafness at an elderly age. It will help you to still be able to communicate with your pet. It’s also a good idea to train with hand signals from an early age for any dog.
7. White Boxers can be fully registered with A.K.C. There are some breeders that believe in giving no registration or only limited registration.
8. White Boxers make excellent  pets and companions, loving other animals and children the same as any other Boxer.
 9. Although they can't be shown in the conformation ring. They can be shown in Agility and Obedience, and do quite well... if trained properly. Just like any other color.
10. White boxers can live a healthy and productive life; the same as there litter mates of color.
11. Many breeders just take it upon themselves to put down white pups at birth. Some breeders will put down (kill) a deaf puppy. Claiming they have no value. The truth being they are more afraid of people finding out they have had a deaf puppy born from their lines. Thus fearing their lines would be ruined by having a deaf puppy born from their lines. So by killing off the deaf off spring (puppy) they think they will hide deafness in their lines. (I FIND THIS VERY SICK! AND APPALLING!) These deaf puppies are as smart and loving as all the other Boxers. They can lead a wonderful, loving productive life. They have much to offer to us in so many ways.
12. I know I have already said this but, white Boxers are NOT RARE! Yet unscrupulous breeders, backyard breeders, and puppy millers, and even some pet stores bill them as such and add a hefty price tag! Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills or dog traders or brokers. These puppies are usually known for having problems later in life, and DEFINITELY should be spayed or neutered. This should apply to all colors of Boxers. Not just the white Boxer. Any REPUTABLE breeder would not sell to a broker or pet store! Flashy or Plain, White, Fawn, Brindle. A pet puppy is a pet puppy.
13. White Boxers suffer the same illnesses that fawns and brindles do. While white Boxers can be just as healthy as their colored litter mates. Some may have a tendency to be more sensitive to the sunlight. But not all of them are sensitive to sunlight. Many colored Boxers are sensitive to the sun as well. Sunscreen is recommended for both colored and white Boxers. You should never leave any Boxer out in the sun all day. They have the same personalities as any other Boxer.
14. It is NOT just the White Boxer that can be deaf. Truth is any color Boxer can be deaf from birth. In Europe they keep more accurate health records noting when they have a deaf colored or white Boxer. If accurate health records were to be mandatory in the US you would find that there are plenty of fawn and brindle deaf Boxers. Many breeders will put down a deaf colored Boxer puppy. This is a way to hide deafness in their lines. Blaming deafness on the White Boxer alone is not accurate and wrong. Perhaps if we kept accurate and honest health records of our Boxers we may find the lines that contribute to this problem. In doing this we would be able to stop breeding the Boxers that contribute to deafness. This will not completely cure the health issue on deafness in this breed but, it would help to reduce it. We need to stop hiding our deaf colored and white Boxers. Stop breeding those that may be contributing to this problem.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of dishonest and unethical behavior!
Do your homework. ASK questions.
For their sake and yours.


"White Boxer Show News"


The German Boxer Club (BK) has published an official letter on the issue.
 At the 28th February Delegates’ Meeting it was decided that from now on white boxers will be allowed to enter breed shows organised by the BK. They will compete in their own color category. Just as the coloured boxers, they will receive written critiques, qualifications and placings. Next year the Standard change petition will be sent to the VDH (German Kennel Club) and FCI, and after their approval white boxers will have “full rights”. They will enter both national and international shows, get CCs, CACIBs, become champions. And they will be allowed for breeding, too.


Natacha Moscoso (Vitoria, Spain)
Boxers Urkabustaiz'tar - since 1964

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