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Breeding Philosophy

     Several years ago my sister, Chris and I started looking for our foundation Boxers. I found our foundation bitch Savanah. My sister, Chris soon followed in search of her Boxer, Dallas. Upon doing so we have met many breeders and mentors that have educated us in regards to the Boxer breed. Many were wonderful and became great friends and mentors. Of those mentors we hope to maintain a life long

friendship. There were some, I am sad to say that turned out to not be the wonderful honest breeder/mentor they claimed to  be.

     In the past we have become friends with breeders under the impression that they were excellent caring breeders and mentors only to find some of them to be breeding sick dogs as well as improper breeding practices. Some of which we found to be breeding Boxers that knowingly carry Generalized Demodectic Mange in their lines. Others breeding improperly as well as falsely.
     In turn they criticize others and put them down for this same practice. Openly condemning and ripping them apart while they do the same behind closed doors.


     Others have done what they call line breeding - Father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister breeding. This type of close breeding we do not support. Inline
breeding is one thing when done carefully but, line breeding is just not acceptable with us. It has too many risks involved in our eyes to practice this type of breeding.
     Most stated they were all about the health and well being of this breed and preaching how so many others do so much harm and wrong to this breed. Some say one  thing and turn and do exactly what they tell others not to do. Yet at times some of these double standard breeders do have some good advice. It is just weeding through all they have to say and trying to figure out what is right or wrong, good or bad. That is what is so hard to do.
     We all have our own beliefs and we will stick by ours until someone can educate and prove to us that another way is better. We have spent countless hours reading books, searching the internet, as well as talking to many people about this breed. Beware of breeders that place false pictures and pedigrees of Boxers on their web site, claiming they own these dogs when in fact they do not. Check the pictures carefully so as not to be fooled.

     I have been to court winning the battle over a breeder and her horrible breeding practices. The judge commended me for having a Boxer spayed so that she could never be bred and pass on to future lines the hereditary disease she carried. Not only would this have happened but, this Boxer would have become ill from the stress of the breeding and the pregnancy resulting in the possibility of terminating the pregnancy. I did what I thought was right for this Boxer and any future offspring.
     We have and will continue to disassociate ourselves with any known breeders that practice bad breeding. We strongly recommend that everyone check references and take your time when it comes to choosing a breeder. Never be in a hurry to bring home that new puppy/family member. There are many honest breeders and wonderful mentors out there but, sadly there are many dishonest breeders as well. 

​     So take your time and be careful. Make sure you get your AKC Registration papers when you get your puppy. Not after the fact. We have seen others that were told that the papers were in the mail only to never get them.

​     All the work and effort you put in to doing proper research into breeders and breeds will help your family to select and get the perfect dog for your family.
We wish everyone the best of luck in your search for your new best friend and family member.

     Remember there is no such thing as a rare white Boxer nor a rare black Boxer. While a White Boxer may be registered with A.K.C. a Black Boxer can not be registered with A.K.C.

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