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Hello and welcome to our web site. Thank you for taking the time to visit.
     We hope you enjoy our Boxers and find useful information in regards to this magnificent breed.  If anyone has any questions or is in need of help concerning the Boxer breed don't hesitate to contact us. Whether your Boxer came from us or someone else we will be glad to be of assistance to you if we can. If not then we would be happy to direct you to someone else that may be of assistance to you.

     We are sisters, who both share a passion for the Boxer. Chris has two sons. She is also the proud owner of Ryder, Zeke and Noah. Sandi has two daughters. She is the proud owner of Brooke, Emmy, Paige and Willow. Both of us live in Southern Ohio. We are members of the Miami Valley Boxer Club.

     While growing up on a working farm our parents over the years have raised many different breeds of dogs. Our love for all animals comes natural. We searched long and hard to find and bring home our Boxers by doing extensive research on their lines, and being careful to bring in healthy lines to our home. We are constantly reading and educating ourselves with books and surround ourselves with great mentors.

     Together, with the help of our friends, we hope to be successful in our goal to show the Boxer breed.  Our other goal is to improve the health and beauty of the Boxer. We believe that by combining some of the top German/European lines with the American lines we will help accomplish our goal to bring out the beauty, health, and temperament of the Boxer. For now our goal is to continue with A.K.C. Conformation Shows, obedience training, as well as continue developing our breeding program. Breeding is a huge decision and responsibility. Our Boxers are health tested so that when we do breed we are taking steps to be sure that we are breeding healthy Boxers.

     We believe there really is only one true boxer type, and that type is clearly spelled out in the breed standards across the world. While researching many of the different lines around the world, we have gained a deep appreciation of the Boxers around the world. The UK offers strong bone, short coupled backs, and excellent cat-like feet. The North American Boxer offers elegance and smooth short tight coats. The Continental lines offer substance, clean chiseled heads that have good rise of skull, and a wide powerful muzzle with an up swept chin.

We still spend a lot of time studying the Boxer breed by looking at different websites, reading magazines and books, and chatting about Boxers with anyone who is willing to lend an ear. We haven't limited our research to the USA; however, instead we have looked at the Boxer breed throughout the world. By studying all Boxers, whether they are North American, UK or Continental, we gain a much deeper understanding of the breed and what it should be. Talking to Boxer breeders from different parts of the world is fascinating. By listening you can learn something from everyone.

     Even though our puppies may leave our home they are still a part of us. We keep track of all our Boxer puppies. We want them to have every opportunity to have the best, happy, long healthy life as they can have. There are too many breeders that claim to perform health tests. Please be sure to talk with your breeder about health tests that they have performed as well as look at the paper work.

     Bringing home a puppy or adult Boxer should be a life long commitment. It should be thought about carefully before making the decision to bring a puppy or adult Boxer home. This is a commitment involving you, your family, and your new Boxer.

     Boxers have feelings just the same as you or anyone else. They get lonely, sad, happy, scared, tired, frightened all the same motions we feel. They will make mistakes the same as you. They will love you unconditionally, forgiving you and others for any hurt or neglect that is brought upon them. They are devoted to you and your family. That is the one thing that you find rare in humans. This kind of devotion and love is not the same as many other people could or would give. You will not find a more devoted loving dog other than this wonderful breed.

     We do not believe in over breeding. Breeding one litter after another and after another should not be done. Breeding is a big decision and responsibility - it should be done with a great deal of careful thought and planning. We do not believe in the breeding of the white Boxer nor the black Boxer because they are not within the standard of the breed. This is not to say that we don't hold them or think of them as highly as the colored Boxers. There are many beautiful white Boxers out there. Many that have some of the best structure, but are sadly are not considered within the breed standard. We strongly do not support the killing of any white puppies. They deserve to have a healthy, happy life just the same as their colored siblings. Perhaps one day they will be accepted as a part of the standard in the breed. After all it was a white Boxer that was involved in the start of this breed.

     There are many wonderful books out there that should be read. The two we found to be very informative are, My Life With Boxers by Friederun von Miram – Stockman This is a wonderful book with pictures of the original Boxer and how this breed was created. The other book we recommend would be, The Boxer by John P. Wagner. This book also has many wonderful pictures and information. There are many other books out there but these are the two we strongly recommend to start with. Please see our links page to see a list of them.

     We also wish to thank all those that have showed their support towards our dreams and goals. We all have had to start somewhere. We have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people from the Boxer world that have taken the time to take us under their wings to mentor us and be friends. So we thank all of you.


Thank you for visiting.

Sandi Dunn, Chris Shackelford 

Dunnford Boxers

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